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Bodega Perrier Jouet

Bodega Perrier Jouet elabora sus vinos desde 1811 y cuenta con su sede social en Épernay (Francia), elabora champagne a partir de las uvas de la variedad Chardonnay de exquisita finura y elegancia.

Perrier Jouet es uno de los mejores Champganes del mundo.

Actividad de @perrierjouet en Twitter en los últimos 7 días
  • Taking care of the soil and reducing interventions are key priorities for Maison Perrier-Jouët. The approach of the House aims to reduce its impact on nature, at each stage in the elaboration of its wines, starting with its exceptional vineyard.​ PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY pic.twitter.com/5Ba1MsVPlf
  • Maison Perrier-Jouët has been promoting biodiversity since 2014, creating plant layers and reinstating a variety of nature and species in its vineyards, allowing biodiversity to thrive and prosper. ​ PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY pic.twitter.com/daPfCsgaSw
  • Since 1811, Perrier-Jouët has been nurturing an exceptional, symbiotic relationship with nature, reminding us that it all starts in the vineyards.​ Stay tuned to know how the House cares for nature.​ PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY pic.twitter.com/BH23eMgXUi
  • Raise a glass to celebrate the first day of Spring. A new step in the vineyard lifecycle filled with nature's wonders.​ #PerrierJouet #Champagne #Winemaking #ChampagneLovers #ChampagneMoments #Spring #Sustainability #Nature​ PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY pic.twitter.com/FIDYsOH7B8
  • For Chef @PierreGagnaire , "The best ingredients are those that evoke the season and the soil from which they sprang, those magical products cultivated with love for nature, the terroir and the climate."​ PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY pic.twitter.com/61wL5GxHa5
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